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Geroscience Research Center

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Geroscience Research Center


Dept. of Metabolic Res

Department of Metabolic Research

Dept. of Inflammation Immunosenecence

Department of Inflammation and Immunosenescence

Dept of Integrative Phys

Department of Integrative Physiology

Dept of Integrative Neurosci

Department of Integrative Neuroscience

Dept of ChemBiol

Department of Chemical Biology

Dept of Musculoskeletal

Department of Musculoskeletal Disease

Dept of Oral Dis Res

Department of Oral Disease Research


Lab of Dent Reg Med

Laboratory of Dental Regenerative Medicine

Project Team

Homeostasis PT

Aging Research Homeostasis Research Project Team

SleepAging PT

Sleep and Aging Regulation Research Project Team

Stress Response PT

Aging Stress Response Research Project Team