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Assistive Robot Center

Assistive Robot Center carries out the following mission from the standpoint of a national organization with medical and research functions related to longevity medical care.

  1. Integration and provision of information regarding rehabilitation engineering and robotics to match seeds of technologies with needs in elderly
  2. Provision of fields for robot development from the standpoint of longevity medical care
  3. Promotion of researches on engineering for health and rehabilitation
  4. National policy recommendations

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Due to the rapid expansion of the aging society, the need to introduce assistive robots in daily life and long-term care is increasing. Assistive Robot Center (ARC) was established in 2014 as technology is required to support daily lives of the elderly and achieve “lively activities” in the community. Since its establishment, we have been involved in the development of various robots and technologies that are useful for daily lives of the elderly. We continuously work on research activities to realize a future that we can live with peace of mind every day even as we grow older with the robots watching over and helping us, and becoming partners through conversation.

In order to develop and popularize the robots, it is necessary to link the seeds of development with the needs of the elderly in the community, to establish fields for demonstration to improve the degree of perfection and suitability of robot technology, to promote medical engineering research for longevity to promote the independence of the mind and body of the elderly, and to establish social systems and policy proposals for the formation of national consensus, all of which are the main tasks of the center. In addition, we cooperate with Aichi Service Robot Practical Use Support Center provided by Aichi Prefecture, and aim to strengthen the activities of both centers by synergizing the functions.

We appreciate your understanding and support.


Izumi Kondo

Director, Assistive Robot Center (ARC)

National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology

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We contribute to integration of information regarding robotics and technologies, development of assistive devices, and promotion of researches on engineering for health and rehabilitation.


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