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About the laboratory

Laboratory of Practical Technology in Community

We are engaged in research activities to apply recent technologies developed in various fields for promoting health and extending healthy life expectancy.

Research focus

  1. Aiming to support independence of the elderly and to improve the quality of medical care and long-term care, we are engaged in activities to demonstrate the effectiveness of related technologies and to apply them in society. We are also participating in the related projects of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
  2. We are conducting empirical research on the monitoring of various activities, such as biometric data, physical activity, and feeding and swallowing movements, with the aim of establishing a technology-based activity evaluation method. We are also utilizing these data for health promotion and rehabilitation.
  3. We are conducting research on the construction of an information support system using ICT tools to improve accessibility to local social resources in order to promote social participation of local residents.


Associate professor Eri Otaka
Research fellow

Eiko Takano

Daiki Shimotori

Research assistant Michiko Chiso