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Center for Core Facility Administration

Core Facilities promote research activities by providing investigators at NCGG and external collaborators access to instruments, research services, and other resources. The facilities consist of three divisions and one office: the Division of Experimental Animals, Equipment Management Division, Biosafety Division, and Research & Development Promotion Office. We also operate the biobank business, which collects and stores the bioresources (specimens) and clinical information in compliance with international standards.

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The Center for Core Facility Administration (CFA) provides essential infrastructure to support research activities. Biomedical researchers rely on a variety of tools and techniques. CFA offers state-of-the-art research equipment and services for all investigators at NCGG and other institutes. We also organize valuable resources for research on aging. The biobank collects and stores patient samples, and the aging farm develops aged mice and rats. We distribute these resources to researchers upon request. I hope you can take advantage of our facilities.

Akihiko Nishikimi, Ph.D.
Acting Director of Core Facilitiy Administration
Research Institute, NCGG

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