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Center for Core Facility Administration

Core Facilities promote research activities by providing access to instruments, research services, and other resources to investigators at NCGG and external collaborators. The facilities consist of five divisions and one office: Division of Experimental Animals, Research Advancement Division, Biosafety Division, Molecular Analysis Division, Drug Discovery Division, and Research & Development Promotion Office.

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NCGG is one of the six National Research Centers for Advanced and Specialized Medical Care (NC’s) set up nationwide in Japan. Its roles are to promote independence of the mind and body of elderly people and to contribute to the construction of healthy longevity society through the research and practice of medicine related to age-associated diseases, and education or training for the family and medical workers.

Research Institute of NCGG is composed of six departments (Research Centers), including Geroscience Research Center, Center for Development of Advanced Medicine for Dementia, Center for Gerontology and Social Science, Assistive Robot Center, Medical Genome Center, Core Facilities. We are leading the development of diagnostic, preventive and treating methods of the diseases and pathological states associated with aging, with a of maximizing the results of research and applied research in collaboration with universities, incorporated administrative agencies and enterprises.

Shumpei Niida, Ph.D.
Director of Core Facilities
Research Institute, NCGG

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