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About the division

Laboratory of Experimental Animals

The role of the Division of Experimental Animals is to pay particular attention to animal health from a veterinary scientific and ethical point of view, with particular emphasis on animal welfare.

We are conducting specialized technical assistance on animal experimentation to researchers.

Research Focus

  1. Providing assistance on animal welfare and management of experimental animals.
  2. Providing researchers with naturally aged animals (aging farm) and disclosing basic data necessary for research.
  3. Providing a service of reproductive engineering technology for embryo-sperm preservation, production of transgenic animals and in vitro fertilization.
  4. Providing information related to animal experiments and guidance on experimental techniques (anesthesia, blood sampling, handling, etc.)


Associate Professor Noboru Ogiso
Research Technician Julio Alumunia
Visiting Researcher Horohide Sawada
Akira Kitagawa
Masahiro Aoki
Nobuyuki Kimura
Fumiharu Ohoka
Research Student Yoshio Koma
Hitomi Kurahashi
Research Assistant Ayako Akiyama
Haruka Kawasaki
Nobuko Morikawa
Yukako Tsuchiya