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Cooperative Graduate School

The Cooperative Graduate School system aims to contribute to the development of science and technology through collaboration and cooperation between research institutes and graduate schools to educate students, improve their qualities, and promote mutual research exchange.

National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology (NCGG) has concluded an agreement with universities based on the collaborative graduate school system, and researchers at NCGG have been appointed as visiting faculty members at each graduate school to mentor graduate students.

Students who are interested in researching at our center based on the Cooperative Graduate School system should contact the researcher by whom they would like to be mentored.

Cooperative Graduate Schools & Collaborative Universities

No. University Year Researchers who can mentor students
1 Nagoya University, Graduate School of Medicine 2000

Mitsuo Maruyama,

Masataka Sugimoto,

Akinori Nakamura,

Takashi Sakurai

2 Meijo University, Graduate School of Environmental and Human Science 2002  
3 Nagoya City University, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2007

Koichi Iijima,

Michiko Sekiya

4 Tohoku University, Graduate School of Dentistry 2007

Kenji Matsushita,

Shumpei Niida

5 Shinshu University, Graduate School of Medicine, Science and Technology 2007 Hiroyuki Shimada
6 Health Sciences University of Hokkaido, Graduate School of Dentistry 2008 Kenji Matsushita
7 Nagaoka University of Technology 2008  
8 Aichi Gakuin University, Graduate School of Dentistry 2009 Kenji Matsushita
9 Hokkaido University, Graduate School of Dental Medicine 2010 Kenji Matsushita
10 Kagoshima University, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences 2011 Kenji Matsushita
11 Matsumoto Dental University 2011  
12 University of Shizuoka 2011  
13 Kyushu University, Graduate School of Dental Science 2012 Kenji Matsushita
14 Doshisha University, Graduate School of Health and Sports Science 2012 Hiroyuki Shimada
15 Okayama University, Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2012  
16 Tokushima University, Graduate School of Oral Sciences 2013 Kenji Matsushita
17 Osaka University, Graduate School of Medicine 2017

Naoyuki Sato, 

Mitsuru Shinohara

18 Gifu University, United Graduate School of Drug Discovery and Medical Information Sciences 2017 Takashi Kato

Research Student

Based on the Research Student system, National Center for Gerontology and Geriatrics (NCGG) accepts graduate and undergraduate students who conduct collaborative research with researchers at NCGG. Research students are qualified for a period of up to one year, subject to the prescribed procedures and approval by our center.

Students who conduct collaborative research with a researcher at our center should contact him or her regarding the Research Student system.