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About the department

Department of Inflammation and Immunosenescence

To clarify the mechanism of inflammation and immune function through basic research into age-related mental and physical changes and their related diseases, and lead to the elucidation of pathology of the diseases and development of the drug discovery and treatments focusing on the qualitative alteration with age.

Research Focus

  1. Analyzes the cellular mechanisms in the qualitative alteration with aging, and elucidates the effects of inflammation caused by cellular senescence on tissue function and pathological conditions.
  2. Understands the molecular/cellular mechanisms underlying senescence-associated pathologies, and establishes a novel therapeutic strategy for the age-related diseases by targeting senescent cells.
  3. Clarifies the mechanisms of the decline of immune function with age, focusing on recognition as foreign substances like the specific pathogens, and aims at developing a strategy to maintain immune function with understanding the mechanism of immunosenescence.


Professor Mitsuo Maruyama
Associate Professor  
Research Fellow Tanenobu Harada
Research Assistant Keiko Onishi
Rina Yamamoto
Nobuko Saitoh
Yuko Ohta
Akane Yamada
Rie Imura
Mai Kondo
Kumiko Kanamori
Visiting Researcher Junichi Shimada
Noboru Motoyama
Akinori Tokunaga
Koichiro Kawaguchi