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Geroscience Research Center

The Geroscience Research Center (GSRC) is composed by 6 divisions including Dept. of Metabolic Research, Dept. of inflammation and Immunosenescence, Dept. of Integrative Physiology,  Dept. of Chemical Biology, Dept of Musculoskeletal Disease, and Dept. of Oral Disease Research, as well as Lab. of Dental Regenerative Medicine and 3 research project teams (Aging Research Homeostasis, Sleep and Aging Regulation, and Aging Stress Response). We contribute to the extension of the health and longevity of the people through aging researches on the pathophysiology of various physical changes and diseases that occur with aging.

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Welcome to the Geroscience Research Center


The Geroscience Research Center (GSRC) was newly established on April 1, 2021, as one of the 6 centers under the research institute in the National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology (NCGG). GSRC is the novel organization which conducts basic research and research leading to the development of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment methods with the aim of elucidating the essence of the factors and mechanisms of age-related alterations and the onset of diseases. We have just launched it with 7 research departments and 1 laboratory in addition to 3 project teams at the time of establishment.

In Japan, which is one of the advanced aging societies, in order to contribute to the extension of healthy life, the results of fundamental and basic research based on scientific evidence leading to medical care for the elderly are extremely important issues. Specifically, we will address research and development aimed at overcoming problems by each research group with a mission deeply linked to the daily diseases of the elderly such as dementia, sarcopenia, and infectious diseases, or frailty caused by various stresses due to decline in biological functions with age, that is an obstacle stands in the way of "built and realization of a healthy longevity" or "promote the mental and physical health of the elderly", respectively.

It goes without saying that collaboration with industry, government, and academia is inevitable for the practical application of these research results, but as a new center with novel perspective, we would like to inform the people about each our achievement both clearly and concisely, allowing us to become a GSRC open to the society. Simultaneously, I intend to strive to foster GSRC to be a novel stronghold where we can discuss various age-related basic research strategies and results with domestic and abroad researchers and experts, consequently to be a unique international and the world standards research center.

We reverentially appreciate your continued understanding and encouragement.

                                       Mitsuo Maruyama
Director, Geroscience Research Center, Research Institute,
National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology

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