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About the department

Department of Musculoskeletal Disease

Based on the studies for the etiologies of disorders impairing locomotive functions of the elderly, especially lumbar spondylosis, osteoarthritis, and sarcopenia, we will develop novel diagnostic methods and therapeutics for each patients. 

Research Focus

  1. To elucidate molecular pathogenesis of geriatric spinal disorders, such as lumbar spinal stenosis, the genetic aspects of the diseases are studied by familial and populational genomic analyses.
  2. By genetic analysis of a mouse strain developing late onset spontaneous osteoarthritis, a novel mechanism of chondrocytic cell death leading cartilage degeneration has been identied. Based on the finding, development of diagnostic and therapeutic strategy of osteoarthrits is conducting.
  3. Using multiple experimental tools such as cell culture, genetically-engineered mouse models, geriatric animals, and human subjects, we will clarify etiology and pathophysiology of sarcopenia and also identify biomarkers for this disease. 


Professor Ken Watanabe
Associate Professor Tohru Hosoyama
Research Fellows

Kiyo-aki Ishii

Minako Kawai-Takaishi

Research Assistans

Megumi Maruyama

Yuka Taniguchi

Yuko Tottori