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About the department

Department of Oral Disease Research

We will conduct biological and social medical research on the oral cavity and its diseases that control masticatory function, which is essential for maintaining sound nutritional status, to help maintain oral functions for healthy aging.

Research Focus

  1. Our research is focused on oral diseases such as periodontal disease from the perspective of geriatric diseases or lifestyle-related diseases with the aim of developing new preventive and therapeutic methods for the long-term maintenance of oral functions.
  2. We are analyzing the effects of oral bacteria and their components on the oral cavity and the whole body from a molecular biological perspective and developing methods to control them.
  3. We are conducting research to clarify the effects of cellular and immune aging of salivary gland parenchyma on salivary gland function that will lead to the development of methods for prevention and treatment of xerostomia.


Associate Professor Yosuke Shikama
Research Fellow  
Visiting Professor Kenji Matsushita
Yoshikazu Honda
Research Assistant Hiromi Kogure
Research Student Yuka Shikama