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About the department

Brain-Skeletal Muscle Connection in Aging Project Team

Focusing on the functional linkage between the brain and skeletal muscle, we are engaged in research that will lead to the development of preventive and therapeutic interventions for sarcopenia. In particular, we are focusing on the NAD+ metabolism in the hypothalamus and skeletal muscle, and on its relationship to sarcopenia.


Research focus

・Elucidation of the role of NAD+ metabolism-related molecules in the hypothalamus on sarcopenia and skeletal muscle function.

・The effects of age-related decline in NAD+ metabolism in skeletal muscle on locomotive function.

・Understanding the impact of age-related decline in skeletal muscle function on life span and health span.


Research members

Project leader Naoki Ito
Researcher Takahiro Eguchi
Visiting researcher Kiyoshi Yoshioka
Research assistance Keiko Kabetani
Research assistance Kazuko Otsuka