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CAMD (Center for Development of Advanced Medicine for Dementia)

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About the department

Department of Biomarker Research

The mission of our department is to develop biomarkers for dementia and other age-related disorders, and to apply them for clinical use.

Research Focus

To establish effective prevention strategies or curative drugs against dementing disorders, biomarkers, which are useful in detecting or in monitoring pathophysiological changes related to disease statuses, are needed. We explore biomarkers using multiple imaging modalities, including amyloid PET, tau PET, structural/functional MRI, and MEG. Especially, we focus on developing blood-based biomarkers, which are minimally invasive and applicable for a large population. For that purpose, we are conducting the BATON (blood-based amyloid, tau, and other neuropathological biomarkers) project.


Professor Akinori Nakamura
Associate professor Masahiko Bundo
Research fellow Junko Suzuki
Nobuo Noda
Minami Uchida