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CAMD (Center for Development of Advanced Medicine for Dementia)

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About the department

Department of Prevention and Care Science

We are a new research department established in April 2021. Our goals are to elucidate the risk of dementia, to generate evidence for the prevention of dementia progression, and to create new care scientifically that improves the long-term prognosis of dementia.

Research Focus

  1. To obtain evidence for dementia prevention in Japanese older people through a multifactorial intervention study (J-MINT study) to reduce the onset and progression of dementia. We will also implement dementia prevention in society.
  2. Stratify older adults at risk for dementia by biomarkers and modifiable risk factors to identify characteristics of older adults in need of preventive intervention
  3. Utilizing the clinical database (clinical information, brain images, and omics) of more than 10,000 patients at the Memory Center of the NCGG, we will clarify the mechanisms of various complications of dementia from the onset to the end of life, and create new treatment methods that improve long-term prognosis and QOL. 
  4. We will focus on clinical and basic research linking cognitive impairment and frailty (metabolism, physical inactivity and malnutrition, etc.).



Takashi Sakurai

Senior Reseacher

Yujiro Kuroda

Research fellow

Kosuke Fujita

Kazuaki Uchida

Yoko Yokoyama

Ayaka Onoyama

Visiting researcher

Yoshinobu Kishino

Chisato Fujisawa

Taiki Sugimoto

Nanae Matsumoto