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About the laboratory

Laboratory of Cognitive Rehabilitation and Robotics

The Dementia Support and Robot Application Laboratory clarifies problems in daily life of people with physical and cognitive disabilities due to illnesses such as aging, dementia, stroke, osteoarthritis, and internal diseases. To stay active, we are working on the following challenges:

Research focus

  1. We are developing new indicators that anyone can easily evaluate problems in daily life and utilize them in rehabilitation treatment and care.
  2. Activity guides and activities that can maintain mental and physical functions as much as possible for those who cannot fully engage in activities and social exchanges due to personal factors such as illness and environmental factors such as social factors. We are developing tools for this.
  3. With the aim of unifying the treatment and care of dementia, we are creating a treatment and care manual for dementia through continuous rehabilitation for people with dementia and their families.
  4. Aiming to introduce new technologies such as robots and AI into our daily lives, we will examine the needs for technologies and devices to support the lives of people whose physical and cognitive functions have deteriorated due to aging and illness, and the convenience and use of devices. We are studying the environment, studying to improve usability, and verifying the effects.


Associate professor

Aiko Osawa