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About the department

Laboratory of Dental Regenerative Medicine

We will contribute to rapid progress of regenerative dental medicine and regenerative medicine by promoting practical use of innovative techniques for tooth regeneration.

Research Focus

  1. To promote innovative endodontic treatment using novel regenerative endodontics and to establish the department as a center for standardization and expansion of this therapy.
  2. To produce a super-aging society in which the elderly population has good health through improvement of teeth longevity and promotion of the 8020 Movement*. *to encourage Japanese people to achieve the goal of keeping at least 20 of their own teeth until the age of 80.
  3. To contribute to a super aging society in which elderly people live long and healthy lives based on regenerative therapy for vascular and neurogenic diseases harnessing dental pulp stem cells.


Associate Professor Koichiro Iohara
Research Fellow Michiyo Tominaga
Visiting Professor Masanori Fujita
Masae Yamada
Tadafumi Motokado
Research Assistant Yoko Fujii
Rie Nakamura
Mami Tsuboi