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About the department

Department of Integrative Neuroscience

We elucidate the molecular mechanism by which impaired nutritional energy metabolism - obesity and lifestyle-related diseases in middle age and malnutrition and weight loss in old age-, which is considered to be an important risk factor for dementia, leads to dementia, and develop new treatment methods for this disease.

Research Focus

We clarify the relationship between impaired nutritional energy metabolism and cognitive dysfunction from clinical research conducted in collaboration with other clinical departments. We also reveal the effects of nutritional environmental changes and exercise on cognitive functions and their molecular mechanisms, and to identify useful biomarker candidates that reflect the pre-dementia clinical stages and to develop effective treatment methods for dementia.


Professor Akiko Taguchi
Research Fellow Ryuhei Tsuji
Research Assistant Megumi Maruyama
Chiemi Kuroiwa
Miki Shimmura
Visiting Associate Professor Masahiro Ohsawa

Visiting Researcher

Daisuke Tanokashira

Wei Wang