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Department of Aging Neurobiology

We are dedicated to elucidating the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease, with the final goal of developing novel therapeutics. Based on the knowledge and wisdom of our forerunners, we will work with and nurture young researchers who will be responsible for next-generation discoveries. Our cutting-edge research will focus on new areas such as the interactions between Alzheimer’s disease and its genetic and non-genetic risk factors. Ultimately we aim to discover new treatments and provide relief to patients, families, and communities.

Naoyuki Sato, Professor, Department of Aging Neuobiology

  1. Molecular mechanisms underlying the accumulation of amyloid-β and tau, leading to neurodegeneration.
  2. Mechanisms how non-genetic risk factors, such as diabetes and aging, and genetic risk factors, such as APOE genotype, promote dementia.
  3. The relationship between these genetic and non-genetic risk factors.
  4. Research with the goal of delivering relief to patients (e.g., Our original exercise method & Cog-map)
  5. Development of the next-generation therapeutics.


Professor                    Naoyuki Sato
Associate professor      Mitsuru Shinohara
Research fellow           Ghupurjan Gheni
Research technician     Akemi Shimodaira
                                 Tomomi Tajiri
                                 Miho Yamamoto
                                 Tomomi Sato
                                 Shitoe Takeno 
                                 Yuka Kondo
                                 Kazuko Otsuka
Visiting Researcher     Shigeo Murayama
                                 Seiichi Nagano
                                 Akio Fukumori
                                 Shinichiro Hayashi
Research student        Shoya Matsumoto


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