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About the division

Division of Genomic Medicine

We promote the construction of an integrated database involving genome-omics and clinical information for geriatric diseases such as dementia. We contribute to develop precision medicine through the identification and analysis of disease-associated molecules and networks.

Research focus

  1. Identification and analysis of geriatric disease-associated molecules and pathways by means of the whole-genome and omics analyses with large scale samples from NCGG biobank
  2. Development for prediction methods of disease onset and quest of drug related seeds involving pharmaceutical approach by using large-scale integrated data
  3. Construction and publication of the integrated database for large-scale genome-omics and clinical information


Professor Kouichi Ozaki
Research fellow Yuya Asanomi
Risa Mitsumori
Research assistant Mie Suzuki
Terumi Asayama
Fumi Sasaoka
Takumi Nishiki
Hiromi Kahata
Mina Yamane
Mina Fukaya