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About the division

Division of Bioinformatics

Recently, it has become possible to analyze massive amounts of human genome data, including the entire human genome sequence, comprehensive gene expression and microRNA (miRNA) that regulates the gene expression. Our aim is to identify disease biomarkers and develop innovative diagnostic and therapeutic methods via these large-scale human genome data.

Research focus

  1. We develop effective methods to identify genomic variants and intermediate-size insertions and deletions (indels) from next-generation sequence data.
  2. We identify disease-susceptibility genes from an integrated analysis of clinical information with molecular multi-omics, including genomic data.
  3. We develop disease prediction models for early prevention using efficient machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.


Professor Daichi Shigemizu
Research fellow Shintaro Akiyama
Yuya Asanomi
Divya Mishra
Research assistant Aiko Hanamura