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About the department

Department of Frailty Research

Frailty is a vulnerable state in the physical, social, and psychological aspects of aging, and minor stresses can lead to major health changes(e.g., from independence to its loss). however, it is possible to prevent or improve the vicious cycle that leads to loss of independence through appropriate assessment and measures. We contribute to the realization of a healthy longevity society by conducting research and development on the assessment, prevention, treatment, and care of frailty.

Research Focus

  1. We will perform a systematic review and meta-analysis, before then publishing the “Clinical Guide for Frailty” and making policy recommendations.
  2. We will develop clinically useful assessment tools and biomarkers, before then providing those manuals and clinical interpretations.
  3. We will conduct observational studies to identify protective and risk factors, before then publishing booklets and leaflets.
  4. We will conduct intervention studies for advanced prevention and care, before then providing supervision and advice on social implementation.
  5. Other projects with governments, companies, and academic organizations.



Shosuke Satake

Associate professor

Yosuke Osuka

Research fellow

Kaori Kinoshita

von Fingerhut Georg

Noriko Hori

Kazuhiro Yoshiura

Visiting researcher

Masayo Kojima

Ryota Watanabe

Sho Hatanaka

Mikako Yasuoka

Takashi Shida

Akito Yoshiko

Mihoko Ogita

Ryo Katayose

Mika Okura

Li Jiaqi

Jaehoon Seol