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Mammary Gland & Proctology Clinic

Mammary Gland Clinic

Breast cancer is increasing. It can be detected at an early stage as a lump in the breast by daily self-examination. However, certain types of breast cancer cannot be felt as a lump, and require to be examined by mammography or ultrasonography. Self-monitoring alone may allow cancer to advance too far. Visit us instead of worrying alone. The Mammary Gland Clinic is available on Thursday afternoons. Three physicians cooperatively evaluate the test results, and deal with consultations.

Proctology Clinic

Colon cancer is also increasing. Specifically, rectal cancer is most common, and anal hemorrhage is often one of the initial symptoms. Although anal bleeding during a bowel movement tends to be regarded as a symptom of hemorrhoids and tentatively treated with OTC drugs, it is not uncommon that cancer lurks in the anorectal area. If you have the symptom, see a specialist as early as possible. The Proctology Clinic is normally available on Tuesday and Friday mornings.