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Endocrinology and Metabolism

We focus on metabolic disorders including endocrine impairments such as diabetes mellitus and osteoporosis in terms of the platform diseases resulting in Dementia or Frail, global health issues in older persons. In collaboration with Center for Comprehensive Care and Research on Memory Disorders and Center for Frailty and Locomotive Syndrome, we perform active therapeutic practice and clinical research to support hopeful longevity for global older persons. Department of Clinical Laboratory, which can provide numerous progressive clinical examinations including platelet aggregation, supports the activities. In addition, we also perform basic research of bone metabolism in Department of Metabolic Research, Geroscience Research Center. Our important goal is to explore the possible clinical therapeutics for thrombosis and osteoporosis. In the last three decades including a period of Chubu National Hospital, the predecessor of NCGG, we have published more than 200 articles regarding osteoblast functions, and more than 30 articles regarding human platelet activation.


Haruhiko Tokuda MD & PhD.
Shuji Kawashima MD.
Takuya Omura MD & PhD.