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Hearing Aid Clinic

The percentage of people with difficulty in hearing increases with age. If you have such a symptom, first consult the Otolaryngology Department. Certain people with impaired hearing recover by treatment, but others may suffer a pathological progression of the condition. To people with impaired hearing that cannot be expected to improve by treatment, we explain the use of a hearing aid.
Since the deterioration of hearing with age advances gradually, the timing of starting to use a hearing aid is essential. To maintain your brain functions related to hearing, consult the Otolaryngology Department as soon as possible after feeling difficulty in hearing, and start using an appropriate hearing aid.
You can borrow a hearing aid in the Hearing Aid Clinic and try it at home in your daily life. Since the usefulness of a hearing aid differs depending on individual use environments, it is important to try the hearing aid you prefer before purchasing it.
You must receive certain checkups before making an appointment with the Hearing Aid OPS. Thus first consult the otolaryngology general outpatient services.