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Fall Prevention Clinic

Following cerebrovascular disorders and senility, falls and fractures are said to be the third most common causes of being bedridden among the elderly in Japan. Specifically, it is reported that 90% of femoral neck fractures, which are likely to significantly impede activities of daily living, are caused by falls. To prevent a fracture caused by falls is also effective in preventing being bedridden. Emphasizing prevention of falls as part of elderly care, we hold the Fall Prevention Program for "ambulatory elderly people with experience of staggering or falling." This program is held over 8 weeks: evaluation of motor functions in Week 1, once-a-week instructions of fall-preventive exercise in Weeks 2-6, reevaluation of motor functions in Week 7, and comments on the evaluation and advice on future exercise and lifestyle at home in Week 8. The Fall Prevention Program is an outpatient service intended to prevent falls by exercise.