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What is ORANGE Registry

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What is ORANGE Registry

“ORANGE Registry” is a nation-wide registry and coordination system which enables clinical observation of people with dementia throughout their clinical stages. The primary goal of the registry is to develop new treatment, medications, and care techniques for dementia by utilizing the data mass accumulated in the system.

“ORANGE” stands for Organized Registration for the Assessment of dementia on Nation-wide General consortium toward Effective treatment in Japan.

In Japan, the number of people with dementia has been increasing due to the expansion of senior population. The estimation shows that about 7 million people will suffer from dementia in the year 2025. Although the country is at urgent need of establishing effective counter measure for dementia, especially for Alzheimer’s disease (AD), we still do not have sufficient researches to find definitive remedy for dementia.

Before effective treatments and therapeutic drugs for dementia will be developed in the future, verification on the nature of dementia and investigation on the relationship with lifestyle are expected. Furthermore, since the effective care method for dementia is still not established, a study has to explore the current dementia care situation.  

In many cases, dementia develop gradually from normal to the preclinical stage, mild cognitive impairment (MCI), mild dementia, moderate dementia, and to the advanced dementia. This “ORANGE Registry” study is designed to collect data from people at various stages of dementia in order to find treatment and care method. It is essential to collect as many people’s data for the development of therapeutics.    

For development of effective therapeutics, clinical trials on both existing and novel drugs are necessary. We expect this registry system to facilitate cooperation of various organizations by enabling the timely sharing of clinical trial data.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation toward this project.