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Mission & Policy

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Mission & Policy


We dedicate ourselves to the promotion of the physical and mental health of the elderly, so that they can achieve a life-long independence, and the improvement of the health and welfare for the people and the society.



The hospital and the research institute work together to provide high-quality health care and perform relevant clinical research for the elderly, while giving top priority to the human dignity and rights.

The hospital, in particular, provides advanced-, or pioneering-medical care, new functional recovery therapy, under a comprehensive and holistic approach.

The research Institute, in cooperation with the hospital, performs an ample range of surveys and research projects on aging and geriatric diseases, social sciences, and development of new medical technology.

The center works with administrative organization or institutes for health and welfare of the elderly, to improve their functional capabilities in their daily life.

The center also applies its fruitful results to other countries, develops educational and training methodology as well as provides useful programs to raise the quality of care and policy for the elderly.