The First Wave
November, 1997 - April, 2000




National Institute for Longevity Sciences
Longitudinal Study of Aging





I. Objectives and Overview of the NILS-LSA(PDF:259KB)

II. Background Examinations(PDF:223KB)

III. Medication(PDF:188KB)

IV. Food and Nutrition(PDF:398KB)

V. Bone Mineral Density(PDF:143KB)

VI. Blood and Urine Analysis(PDF:162KB)

VII. Psychological Examinations(PDF:123KB)

VIII. Visual and Auditory Examinations(PDF:136KB)

IX. Physiological Examinations(PDF:158KB)

X. Physical Function Tests and Physical Activities(PDF:127KB)

XI. Anthropometry and Body Composition(PDF:130KB)

XII. Head MRI(PDF:2229KB)

XIII. Genotypic and Allelic Frequencies of Genes(PDF:157KB)