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About the department

Department of Gerontological Evaluation

We conduct evaluative research from the interdisciplinary perspectives of gerontology to establish a scientific foundation for care prevention and to develop inclusive communities for the creation of a healthy longevity society.

Research Focus

We conduct a survey on the daily life and health of 100,000 to 250,000 people in collaboration with 30 to 64 municipalities every three years, perform empirical studies using the data and implementation research, and spread our findings to society.

  1. We investigate the social determinants of health that cause health disparities. 
  2. We collaborate with municipalities to develop healthy communities by establishing community diagnostic indicators and "visualization" systems related to health issues and resources in communities.
  3. We evaluate the effects of care prevention activities through the development of communities where people can easily participate in society.


Professor Katsunori Kondo
Research fellow Yasuhiro Miyaguni
Akiko Tanaka 
Visiting researcher Rei Goto
Masashige Saito
Takuya Okuno
Satoru Takahashi
Atsushi Nagagomi
Daisuke Kato
Yohei Kawasaki
Satoko Fujihara
Hisataka Anezaki 
Hirotaka Kato
Tomomi Maeda
Hiroshi Hirai
Research assistant Saori Shiooka
Kinya Fujita